The Millionaire Booklet

Yash Agarwal

The Millionaire Booklet

A friend suggested me to read this book. It was my first audiobook, and my experience is a mixed one. I am not a very good retainer of information while listening to something when compared with my retention capabilities while reading. So I do not know how much I will be able to carry forward from this book. However, there are some cool bits of advice in this book, which contradict with my beliefs. My current opinions about this topic are all acquired from reading, so I do not claim that they are all perfect.

I liked the way the author describes the process. I sense that the author is profoundly proud of his achievement of getting to the millionaire mark. I love this attitude. There is nothing in this book which is not told or described by others on the Internet. As it was only 80 minutes long, there was no in-depth analysis or pieces of advice. The author scratches the surface and keeps the big talk for his other books. He mentions this repeatedly. However, it was mostly straight-forward, practical and motivational read.

Some of my takeaways from this book (not exactly same, some written from my memory and some from goodreads) –

  1. If you are going to be unhappy, be unhappy after getting rich.
  2. Getting rich is a game of offense, not defense.
  3. I believe millionaire is today’s new middle class.
  4. Do the math to create possibility, then create a strategy.
  5. The best ideas are always simple.
  6. The creation of wealth is not about saving or investing; it is about creating multiple sources of income.
  7. 3/4 millionaires work for somebody else.
  8. Lose your middle-class mind and be okay with becoming a millionaire.
  9. The more people you help, the more money you will have.
  10. Always move your surplus income to some accounts reserved for future investments.
  11. Always stay broke, even if you have a lot of money. That way you will never spend more.
  12. I watch the pretenders sleep like they are rich while I am up like I am broke. We both deceive ourselves but with very different outcomes.
  13. Idea + Hard Work x Long Time + Discipline = Success
  14. Stay broke, not poor.
  15. Save to Invest, don’t save to Save.
  16. You should think long and hard before walking away from any income flow.
  17. The first sign that you are on your way is when the people close to you start to question why you are working so hard.
  18. When you change, you may become a threat to all those who don’t.
  19. If you are truly committed to becoming a millionaire, you will at some point need to change your environment.
  20. One way to find the right people is to continue investing in yourself.
  21. Don’t spend time and money on things, toys, holidays, or moments, invest in the surest investment of your life – YOU!
  22. The most important thing you must learn about any business is sales.

I will probably reread it sometime soon. Thanks for reading 😊

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