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I have had a fair share of failures in my life. Most of what I try fails, but these failures never got the required visibility. People often fail to realize that the world is stochastic and it is not just successes in one’s life. This page is an attempt to restore the balance between the two parts of the coin in my life.

This idea is not mine. Recently I read the excellent article in Nature, written by Melanie I. Stefan. You can find her original article here. This page is heavily inspired by a similar page by Jatin Shridhar.

This list is far from being complete. It is written from memory and probably omits many things. Also, many things mentioned here are temporary and would change in the future.

Recent failures (last two months) -

  • US visa (B1/B2) application rejected.

Life goals -

  • Could not get into IIT. I took it too seriously. It was not big of a deal when I retrospect now.
  • Could not make it to the State Board’s Merit list. I can’t stop laughing when I think about it now.

Professional rejections -

  • Google Summer of Code, 2018
  • Directi (during college placements)
  • Amazon (during college placements)
  • Morgan Stanley (during college placements)
  • Could not secure an internship (actually I did not try)

Failed ambitions/projects (transient)-

  • Could not publish a paper in my college. Perhaps, it was not the right time and place.
  • Could not excel in competitive coding.
  • Could not excel in open source contributions.

Interests/Hobbies I am no good at -

(I am not good because I lacked the discipline to put the time required to excel these)

  • Reading
  • Quizzing
  • Public speaking
  • Cricket, badminton, and table tennis

Too afraid to try -

  • Dance - I cannot even dance in a Baraat. Enough said! However, somewhere deep in my heart, I have a desire to learn at least one form of dance. I think that this might help me with all my confidence issues.

  • Asking a girl out for a date.

Romantic life -

Let me be honest here; I have had crushes to the extent that I used to stalk their Facebook profile. However, I have been a shy person from my childhood. Never mustered the courage to ask anyone out.