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Proxy Your Requests to the Backend Server With Grunt

This article was originally published on zeolearn. If you are working on large projects, it is undoubtedly a good idea to have a build script or some task scripts to help to automate some of the repetitive parts of the development process. For JavaScript projects, Grunt serves a similar purpose. It is a JavaScript task/build runner that is written on top of NodeJS. Grunt can help you with automatically minifying your JavaScript or CSS files, or reload your browser on every file change.

Syncing Time on Windows & GNU/Linux Dual Boot Setups

This post is going to be one of those that I have written for my reference. Whatever I am going to mention in this post is not new. Everything has already been said and written many times on many websites and Linux forums. So I will start by explaining the problem. When you try to dual boot your machine to run both GNU/Linux and Windows operating systems, you might have noticed that the time is not the same in both the operating systems.

Arch Linux Installation Guide Part 2

In this post, I will continue from my last post and set up my newly installed Arch Linux for daily use. I am going to install some applications that I use on a day to day basis. Some of these applications are required for my current dotfile configuration setup to work properly. The choice of applications is highly opinionated and your preferences might be different. If you had gone for installation via SSH option, then I would suggest you to edit your `sshd_config` file and disable `root` login.

Arch Linux Installation Guide Part 1

Arch Linux is a Linux distribution known for its not-so-beginner-friendly command line installer, no ready-to-use system after installation and requirement of above average knowledge of command line. However, Arch Linux allows me to set up a system in my desired state in shortest possible time with least effort. This is why I keep coming back to Arch Linux even after some of its annoyances. This guide is written primarily for my reference, as someone who has installed Arch Linux several times, I still can’t remember all the installation steps perfectly.

My Own Configuration Manager

I have been using Linux since I was in my second year of undergraduate. My experiments with the dotfiles (configuration files) also started at the same time. For the uninformed, in Linux, it is common to configure a lot of settings and configurations within dotfiles. Dotfiles are files in a Linux user’s home directory that begin with a dot or a full-stop character. This dot indicates to the operating system that these files are used to store the settings of programs like vim or shells like bash or fish to name a few.