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So I Applied for GSoC

I first heard about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in my second year (2016). It was quite fascinating to know that such a program exists (possibly because of that super attractive amount of money, $5500 at that time). I researched about it and sent emails to some mentors. The replies were mostly encouraging, but I still could not gather the courage to apply as I used to doubt my capabilities. Then last year (2017) again, I decided that I should try for GSoC one more time.


I know I am very late in writing this post. It has been almost one and a half months since the last edition of FOSSMeet is over. I have been a part of FOSSMeet both as a participant and a volunteer. I want to share some of my observations, views, and suggestions through this post. I intend to keep a memory of my most favorite event of NIT Calicut. Juniors can read this post and think about ways to improve FOSSCell and FOSSMeet.


One more edition of FOSSMeet'17 was successfully organized in NIT Calicut recently. As an active member of the organizing team of this year’s edition (though I sidelined myself at the end) and a keen but silent observer, I want to share my experience, ideas, and some observations through this post. Marketing Website We started planning the next edition of FOSSMeet sometime around September. Not many people were interested in planning. Anyway, Shrimadhav and I began working on the marketing website.