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My Own Configuration Manager

I have been using Linux since I was in my second year of undergraduate. My experiments with the dotfiles (configuration files) also started at the same time. For the uninformed, in Linux, it is common to configure a lot of settings and configurations within dotfiles. Dotfiles are files in a Linux user’s home directory that begin with a dot or a full-stop character. This dot indicates to the operating system that these files are used to store the settings of programs like vim or shells like bash or fish to name a few.

Setting up Hugo automatic deployment to Github with Wercker

Recently, I again migrated my blog from Pelican to Hugo. So till now, I have experimented with Wordpress, Jekyll, Pelican, and Hugo. Without any doubt, Hugo is the simplest to set up. This time, I have setup Hugo in Windows, as I think, in my system, I reinstall Windows OS much less frequently than the Linux. So that way, it will be less painful for me to set up the blog again.