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Develop a Theme for Hugo

This article was originally published on zeolearn. Introduction In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a basic Hugo theme. I assume that you are familiar with basic HTML, and how to write content in markdown. I will be explaining the working of Hugo and how it uses Go templating language and how you can use these templates to organize your content. As this post will be focusing mainly on Hugo’s working, I will not be covering CSS here.

Setting up Hugo automatic deployment to Github with Wercker

Recently, I again migrated my blog from Pelican to Hugo. So till now, I have experimented with Wordpress, Jekyll, Pelican, and Hugo. Without any doubt, Hugo is the simplest to set up. This time, I have setup Hugo in Windows, as I think, in my system, I reinstall Windows OS much less frequently than the Linux. So that way, it will be less painful for me to set up the blog again.