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Automatic HTTPS Certs Using GoDaddy and Gitlab APIs

Before I start, here is some technical information about my website - Hosted on Gitlab and usage its CD for automatic deployment, which is triggered on a git commit. The domain name registrar is GoDaddy. Let’s Encrypt as the TLS certificate provider for my domain name. Let’s Encrypt provides certificates for 90 days only, so I was forced to set up the certbot every three months, then generate the certificate and manually deploy the certificates to GitLab.

Setting Up ModSecurity on Ubuntu

Recently, I am experimenting with Web Application Firewalls a lot. ModSecurity is one of them. It is the most famous and useful open-source Web Application Firewall (WAF) in existence. It is supported by various web servers such as Apache, Nginx, and IIS. The job of ModSecurity is to sit in front of the application web server and check the incoming requests and outgoing responses to filter out malicious content. It does so by the use of powerful and complex regular expressions.