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The Good and Bad about CSED of NIT-C

Four years ago, in this very month of June, JEE Mains results were out. I had screwed up my JEE Advanced, so I had to settle for an NIT. My AIR was good enough to get me a seat of Computer Science and Engineering in any of the NITs except the first three (at that time Trichy, Warangal, and Surathkal). I was skeptical about going to NIT Calicut because of its distance from my native place, so NIT Allahabad was the most suitable choice.

Mistakes That I Made in NITC

Now that I am graduated from NIT Calicut, one more chapter of my life is over. It is time to move on to the next page, but before I begin that phase, I thought it would be nice, to sum up, the experience that I gathered in NIT Calicut. The last four years have been great for me. I learned a lot of new life lessons, but there were some decisions that I could have avoided.


I know I am very late in writing this post. It has been almost one and a half months since the last edition of FOSSMeet is over. I have been a part of FOSSMeet both as a participant and a volunteer. I want to share some of my observations, views, and suggestions through this post. I intend to keep a memory of my most favorite event of NIT Calicut. Juniors can read this post and think about ways to improve FOSSCell and FOSSMeet.

Deactivated My Facebook Account

Today, I deactivated my Facebook account again. For the last few days, I was feeling that I am using Facebook excessively. It was affecting my work, my public life. I was using Facebook day in and day out. Today when I woke up in the morning, I first opened Facebook and didn’t leave my bed for one hour. I realized that I had wasted one hour merely browsing through useless stuff.

Why a Sanskrit Shloka?

श्रूयतां धर्मसर्वस्वं श्रुत्वा चाप्यवधार्यताम् । आत्मनः प्रतिकूलानि परेषां न समाचरेत् ।। If the entire Dharma can be said in a few words, then it is — that which is unfavorable to us, do not do that to others.— Padmapuraana, shrushti 19/357–358 So when you landed on this blog, the first thing you might have noticed is that the home page of this blog has a Sanskrit shloka. Many people ask me, why did I choose to display a Sanskrit shloka on my blog.


One more edition of FOSSMeet'17 was successfully organized in NIT Calicut recently. As an active member of the organizing team of this year’s edition (though I sidelined myself at the end) and a keen but silent observer, I want to share my experience, ideas, and some observations through this post. Marketing Website We started planning the next edition of FOSSMeet sometime around September. Not many people were interested in planning. Anyway, Shrimadhav and I began working on the marketing website.

Searching the goal

A boy, probably of age 16, just cleared his 10th board exam. He saw people working on computers, and that fascinated him. So he had only one ambition. You got it, right? One fine day, suddenly his friend’s mother asked, “So what about the future? You are going to enter in class 11th. It is the right time to decide about your future. What do you want to become, a doctor or an engineer?