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My Own Configuration Manager

I have been using Linux since I was in my second year of undergraduate. My experiments with the dotfiles (configuration files) also started at the same time. For the uninformed, in Linux, it is common to configure a lot of settings and configurations within dotfiles. Dotfiles are files in a Linux user’s home directory that begin with a dot or a full-stop character. This dot indicates to the operating system that these files are used to store the settings of programs like vim or shells like bash or fish to name a few.

Setting up Python Development Environments

Recently I was searching for Python projects on Github for contribution. Every single project I found, had a thing common among them. In every project’s contribution guide, it was asked to set up the virtual environment for the project. What the heck is this virtual environment and how does it work? As a beginner to open source projects, the problem I faced, in the beginning, was how to set up the development environments for the projects I was looking at.