Current Interests - Q2 '20

Yash Agarwal

It is a new thing that I am trying out. It is an attempt to define my middle-term goals and to keep my learning efforts focused.

This list contains the things that I am currently interested in. I will define these items at the beginning of each quarter and will try to learn as much as possible about them in the next 3 months. If there is still more to learn, or I am not satisfied with my efforts, I will push them to the next quarter.

I am focused on books more nowadays, but if there are any other resources on these items that might be useful, please let me know.

  • Operating Systems (continuing)
    • Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces
  • Linear Algebra (continuing)
    • Gilbert Strang’s video lectures
  • Basic concepts of Quantum Computing
  • Sketching on iPad

P.S. - Since one month has already passed in Q2, my efforts will be focused on achieving these goals before June 30.

Inspiration - Julian Lehr