Design Update – Tufte Css

Yash Agarwal

I updated the theme of this blog again. That too, just within 20 days. I had been tracking the tufte-css project for quite some time. However, I could not find any suitable Hugo theme based on tufte-css. There are some great tufte-css based Jekyll themes. At one point, I even considered switching to Jekyll, just for this design! However, good senses prevailed, and I managed to stay with Hugo.

Later, I changed my blog’s theme also, but I was not happy. Although the previous theme was good, it was not to my liking. It was too close to the material-design look. Too many boxes, yuck!

But one thing worked in my favor. I had an HTML base on which I could work and develop a theme. So I decided to use tufte-css as the CSS base and worked upon that to reach this point. Boy, it looks beautiful, isn’t it?

It took me close to 20-25 hours to finish this work (I am no good at Web Development). I spent the entire weekend working on this theme. That means that in the second week of my paper-reading challenge, I failed to post a summary. Weekdays are somewhat tricky, but I will try to post a review. Otherwise, next week, it is a topmost priority. What is the point of content-centric blogging otherwise?

There are few hiccups, however, especially when rendering on my iPad.

Lately, I became utterly disillusioned with Goodreads. However, I am not ditching it entirely until I find a better method to track books and my reading-progress. I am trying to port my bookshelf to this domain. The /books page is the first step in that direction. Now I need to figure out how to update this blog automatically with my reading status, and new books added to my to-read and read shelves. I am thinking of a combination of Google Sheets and Go scripts to achieve this. I will post my experience once I finish the work.