Yash Agarwal

25, it is!!!

I turned 25 in the week gone by. I have been on the earth for a quarter of a century now, and the feelings are mixed. I love to write about myself, even at the risk of overexposing myself to the general world. This helps me in remembering my younger self. That, I think, is the best yardstick to judge myself against. Unfortunately, while I should write positive things, the tone of most of my personal experience articles tends to be negative.

Thoughts on the Family Man 2

I binge-watched the second season of The Family Man (TFM) 2 last night. I was eagerly waiting for this season of TFM for a long time, especially after the highly gripping season 1. And I am not disappointed. While I watch digital content very selectively (young-adult fantasy depicting a dark and mid-age Europe and Russia and spy-genre Indian shows for occasional patriotic doses), very few shows have such excellent cinematography.

Looking back at 2020

While I thought of writing this review on 31st December, I couldn’t overcome my laziness. It has been a persistent problem with me in 2020, which I haven’t been able to fix as of now. On average, the year 2020 was a good year for me. It wasn’t equally forgiving to me on every issue of my life, but it was most undoubtedly lenient on the issues I consider most important at this phase of my life.

Two Years at Cisco

I completed two years at Cisco in August recently. I think it is a good time to jot down my learnings and experiences from the past two years. It was my first corporate job; however, I did not land up in a typical software development job. Hence, my experiences are quite different and unique in a sense. I joined Cisco in 2018. As it usually happens with university recruits, I was also randomly assigned to a team in the Office of CTO in Security Business Group (SBG) in Cisco.

Cassandra - A Decentralized Structured Storage System

Cassandra is a distributed storage system that can spread over thousands of nodes and store terabytes of structured data. Cassandra was developed at Facebook to solve performance issues during searches in Facebook Inbox. Cassandra can provide a highly available service without a single point of failure. Cassandra borrows some of its architecture choices from Google’s BigTable1 1: Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data and Amazon’s Dynamo2 2: Dynamo: Amazon’s Highly Available Key-value Store.