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So I Applied for GSoC

Posted on 2 mins read

I first heard about Google Summer of Code (GSoC) in my second year (2016). It was quite fascinating to know that such a program exists (possibly because of that super attractive amount of money, $5500 at that time). I researched about it and sent emails to some mentors. The replies were mostly encouraging, but I still could not gather the courage to apply as I used to doubt my capabilities. Then last year (2017) again, I decided that I should try for GSoC one more time. I looked for the projects, started reading codebase of one project, but due to my lack of determination, I again did not apply.

In the summers of 2017, I got some time to think about it. I decided that for next one year, I will try everything to make sure, that I apply for GSoC 2018. I started coding as much as possible and pushing my code to GitHub with an aim to build an impressive profile.

Now I can say, that I am satisfied with my efforts to some extent. I did start some good open source projects. They are not very extraordinary, but something is definitely better than nothing. I dived into Debian packaging also and volunteered for a FOSS event. Spreading awareness about FOSS is also contributing to FOSS. Isn’t it?

Coming back to GSoC, this year, I have successfully submitted a proposal to Debian Project. It does not matter whether I get it or not. I overcame one of my biggest fears of doubting my capabilities. It is something that I was trying to do for last two years. This moment is worth celebrating.

Read about my GSoC project on Boot Many Machines via Bittorrent. It is related to something which I learned in SSL as SSL admin.

Read my project proposal on Google Drive or Debian Wiki.

Eagerly waiting for the results… 😄

Update(24/04/2018): Finally, I did not get into GSoC this time too. No worries. I anticipated the results and prepared backup plans. Looking forward to a productive summer… :)

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