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I Got Engaged 💍

Life sometimes takes such unexpected turns that we humans can only stand still and wonder. That’s what happened to me. Just two months back, I was urging my father to stop talking to me about my marriage plans, and here I am today, announcing my engagement. It is how the sequence of events has been in my life in the last two months. However, I am not at all troubled with all these sudden turns and twists.

Things I learned in Cisco

Note: This post was originally written on Jan 22, 2022 but I never posted it. Posting it now keeping the original authoring date, but with commit date of Aug 05, 2022. After three years at Cisco, I finally decided to explore other opportunities in 2021. 22/01/2022 was my last day in Cisco. It has been an exhilarating journey. Even more so because it was my first such journey. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Cisco, both professionally and personally.